shotguns for sale. One of the most versatile firearms you can own, shotguns connect owners with the outdoors in ways few other possessions can match. Here at W&A, we take pride in matching you up with the best choice. Whatever your passion – from turkey in the spring to pheasants in the fall, to whitetails in the winter – a shotgun proves indispensable for the avid hunter. You can select a specialist for each hunt or choose 1 gun to rule them all. For addictive fun year-round, give target shooting a try. Watching clay pigeons evaporate into a cloud of dust after well-placed shots always prove invigorating. All you need is a shotgun for sale and some shotgun shells to experience the thrills yourself during a round of trap, skeet, or sporting clays. Before searching out your next 12-ga. or 20-ga. shotgun at W&A, take some time to quickly familiarize yourself with the different shotgun types.

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Bolt-ActionLess common than their bolt-action rifle counterparts, shotguns using a bolt action work best when hunting turkey and deer, or other situations emphasizing accuracy above reloading speed. Look for Winchester and Savage as top brands in this category.Lever-ActionLever-action shotguns were popularized during the late 19th century as the weapon of choice on stagecoaches in the American Wild West. Winchester models remain a favorite with gun enthusiasts and competitive shooters to this day.Semi-AutomaticThe most popular choice for most shooters, semi-auto shotguns or autoloaders use an automatic cycling action to load a new cartridge while ejecting spent shells. They make an excellent choice for all types of shooting with highly rated selections delivering reliability, speed, and easy handling. Check out all the top models from Benelli, Browning, and Beretta at Cabela’s.Break-ActionShotguns using a break-action are most commonly used for waterfowl and upland hunting, as well as clay shooting sports. Over/under models feature 2 barrels mounted vertically. Side-by-sides have 2 barrels mounted horizontally next to each other.Self-Defense/TacticalThese powerful weapons come engineered for maximum stopping power, shorter barrels, and versatile accessory modification. Choose a self-defense or tactical shotgun for personal and home defense.