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Although .45 LC Ammo was originally introduced in the 1870s, it has maintained the spirit of that time. Gunmakers have kept it alive by introducing revolvers chambered for 45 Long Colt ammo as either replicas of Old West handguns or a newer breed of self-defense guns.

You’ll often find it as the iconic Colt Single-Action Army revolver or something like the Taurus Judge, which allows you to load both .45 LC and .410 shotshells. But you can also find .45 Long Colt ammo chambered for popular lever-action and novelty rifles as well.

Besides self-defense, .45 Long Colt firearms are popular among today’s shooters for cowboy-action competition shooting and hunting small to the big game, depending on the firearm, at short range.

On paper, 45 LC ammo with 225-grain bullets has a muzzle velocity of 960 feet per second with 460 foot-pounds of energy. At 50 yards, velocity drops to 895 fps with 400 ft-lbs of energy.