Buy Shotgun Ammo & Bulk Shotshell Ammunition Online Available At a Low Price?

Having the right Shotgun Ammo. Your firearm will make all the difference in different target situations and applications. We carry a full line of 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 bore (.410 “gauge”) ammunition.

For high-velocity shooting check out HEVI-Shot and Federal shotgun shells that are perfect for hunting, competition, clay shooting, and home defense. There are different varieties of shotgun shells or shotshell ammo, designed for specific purposes. Birdshot ammo uses the smallest pellets of the bunch and is used to take down upland game and in similar bird hunting scenarios. Weapons and Ammunitions

On the opposite end of the spectrum. We have Buckshot ammo that contains the largest pellets for medium to large games. Buckshot ammo may also be used as tactical rounds by law enforcement, military personnel, and personal self-defense. Slugs are a single, large projectile used to hunt medium to large games. They are frequently used in areas. Where hunting rifles aren’t permitted due to concerns about range and proximity to other hunters.